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Individual Psychosexual Therapy and Couples Therapy are challenging areas of counselling at the outset because they are - by definition - personal and intrusive. The initial assessment session attempts to map out the nature of the issues to be considered and the hopes and ambitions of those who have sought guidance. The client(s) should consider this first session to have been an opportunity to identify the issues but also to have established their inherent strengths and capabilities in a secure positive environment. 

Sexual issues specifically are looked at in terms of their therapeutic meaning, rather than just simply as dysfunction. My goal is to help people dealing with sexually related challenges to work on their sexual and relationship issues and to overcome their difficulties by exploring, in a caring supportive environment. It is in this way that people can be helped to overcome what previously might have seemed a challenge that they felt was beyond them. Starting therapy is a big step and shows real courage. Most people have struggled for some time before they reach the therapist’s door. I attempt to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space for you to work through the inner obstacles that hold you back from who you want to be and living life to the full.


Loss of desire and arousal difficulties

Erectile dysfunction

Rapid or delayed ejaculation

HIV diagnosis

Sex/sexuality and culture.

Sexual or performance anxiety

 Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)

Sexual abuse 




Pornography and Sex addiction

Sexual phobias or aversions


Couples and Relationship Therapy

Communication difficulties

Sexual challenges

Fertility issues




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