Ways to be a Trans Ally


Today is #transdayofremembrance . 368 Trans People were killed this year. 48% of Trans individuals have attempted suicide at least once. Being an ally means consistency of action, love and support, until the violence and discrimination ends and a day of remembrance is not needed. 
As a Trans ally there is an incredible amount of work to be done. 
Here are some tips on how to be a Trans ally that I learnt from @pink_news and from some of my own Trans friends.
1. Check in. 
Drop a line or give them a call and ask them how they are.
Ask how their day went; many Trans individuals experience difficult days due to being misgendered, transphobia in the papers or in the streets. 
2. Challenge everyday Transphobia.
If you hear something that doesn't resignate well with you. Voice it.
3. Use the right pronouns. 
If you make a mistake apologise and move on. You can also always ask what people feel most comfortable with.
4. Be actively supportive.
Attend marches, donate, use your social media. 
5. Educate yourself. 
Lean about the obstacles that Trans individuals face. In the workplace, in healthcare and criminal justice system.
6. Listen.
Read, watch and hear Trans voices. Be it your friend, colleague or in a documentary