Orgasms are subjective

Orgasms subjective.PNG

No two orgasms are alike, everyone experiences them differently. They can change over time and are influenced by context. Orgasms are personal and individual and come (pun totally intended) in many forms
Here are a few:
•Blended orgasms (variety of different orgasms blended together)
•Relaxation orgasms (through deep relaxation techniques)
•Pressure orgasms (through indirect stimulation and pressure)
•Multiple orgasms (one after another or with a break in between)
•Finally another to mention is orgasmic anhedonia (also called pleasure dissociative orgasmic dysfunction) A dysfunction that is rarely mentioned.
This is when someone is unable to feel pleasure when they climax (men still ejaculate)

It is believed that it can be as a result of Spinal cord injury, ME, depression or issues with dopamine and testosterone levels.
Ultimately orgasms are not a 'one size fits all', they don't have to replicate the famous; When Harry Met Sally scene and can change and vary over time.